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Black Tiger Shrimps

Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 31/40, pack 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 31/40, pack 1kg

Delicious tiger prawns for the tastiest stir-fry dishes
Sale -7%
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 21/30, bag 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 21/30, bag 1kg

Tiger prawns with a firm bite, tasty as a snack
€14,40 €13,40
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 8/12, bag 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 8/12, bag 1kg

Restaurant-quality tiger prawns for the tastiest dishes
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 26/30, bag 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 26/30, bag 1kg

Delicious tiger prawns for a creamy pasta with grilled vegetables..
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 16/20, bag 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 16/20, bag 1kg

These firm tiger prawns make a delicious paella
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 16/20, pack 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 16/20, pack 1kg

Medium-sized tiger prawns, ideal as a tapas dish
Fishery Black Tiger Shrimps 31/40, bag 1kg

Black Tiger Shrimps 31/40, bag 1kg

This size of tiger prawn is perfect for making delicious skewers...

Black Tiger Prawn

The Black Tiger Prawns, or Black Tiger Shrimps, are popular kind of shrimp which are often served in restaurants. In addition, the Tiger Prawn is one of the most sold shrimps in Europe. This large shrimp is also called Giant Tiger Prawn.

Origin of Tiger Shrimp

Tiger shrimps live along the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Peninsula and in the Pacific Ocean. Due to the great demand for Large Tiger Prawns worldwide, it is impossible to catch them all wild. Tiger Shrimp are mainly farmed in Southeast Asia.

To breed the shrimp, the larvae are bred from older animals and then released into coastal breeding ponds. The Black Tiger Shrimp is farmed extensively. This means that they have a spacious habitat, 2 shrimp per 1m². This way of breeding ensures that the animals can develop as naturally as possible. Because of this, the final taste of the tiger shrimp remains of high quality. This makes the Black Tiger one of the more expensive shrimp species.


The Black Tiger Shrimp is characterized by the dark stripes on its armor, which are reminiscent of the stripes of a tiger. This is what gives this shrimp its name. On its head the shrimp has a sharp spine that stands forward and two fine feelers that stand down. The Latin name for the Tiger Shrimp is Penaeus Monodon. This means 'shrimp with 1 tooth'. The Tiger Shrimp grows to a maximum size of 40cm. The shell of Tiger Shrimp is a lot harder than that of other shrimp species.

Fresh vs. Frozen Tiger Prawns

You would think that fresh shrimp is better than frozen shrimp. Nothing could be further from the truth. Shrimp are only really fresh if you can buy them alive in the shop. Shrimp discolour quickly and age quickly. Within a day, the feelers fall off and the shell becomes soft. Most shrimp come from very far away and would have spoiled before they even arrived here. That is why all shrimp are deep-frozen immediately after being caught and processed. All the tiger prawns we see in the supermarket or get on our plate in the restaurant are deep-frozen prawns. Even the 'fresh' shrimp that are on display at the fishmonger have been frozen as well. If you want to eat them as fresh as possible, frozen shrimp is the best choice.

Sizing and Processing of Black Tiger Prawns

Tiger prawns are processed and packaged in different ways. You can buy unpeeled or peeled Black Tiger Shrimp as well as tiger shrimp with or without a head. In addition, the shrimp are also sorted according to size.


  • Head on, shell on (HOSO)
  • Headless, shell on (HLSO)
  • Peeled & deveined (PD)
  • Cooked, peeled, tail on (CPTO)
  • Individually Quality Frozen (IQF)


Packages indicate the size of the shrimp, for example 26/30. This indicates how many shrimp there are per weight unit in the packaging. 2 weight units are measured. For tiger shrimp with head on, the measurement is per 1 kilo and peeled shrimp or shrimp without head are measured per English pound (454 grams). The most popular size is the Black Tiger Prawn 26/30, peeled. This means that per 454 grams, there are 26 to 30 shrimp in the packaging. In the case of the Black Tiger Shrimp 21/30, with head it comes down to 21 to 30 shrimp per kilo.

Nutritional Value

Nutritional valueVitaminsMinerals
Energy97kcal / 407kJVitamin B10.05 mgSodium150 mg
Water75.8 gVitamin B20.03 mgPotassium250 mg
Protein20.5 gVitamin B60.13 mgCalcium9 mg
Carbohydrates0.2 gVitamin B117 µgPhosphor220 mg
Sugars0 gVitamin B120.8 µgIron1.7 mg
Bold1.5 gVitamin C1.9 mgMagnesium70 mg
Saturated fat0.5 gVitamin D0.5 µgCopper0.24 mg
Monounsaturated fat0.4 g  Zinc2.3 mg
Polyunsaturated fat0.7 g    
Cholesterol235 mg    
Fibres0 g    

Buy Tiger Prawns

Buying tiger shrimp is easy in our online supermarket. Foodmarkt offers various sizes and varieties of Tiger Shrimp from the brand Fishery in bags of 1kg. For example, you will find both unpeeled shrimp and peeled tiger shrimp in our range. Our Tiger Shrimp are of high quality and guarantee a delicious meal.

Tiger Prawns Recipe

Shrimp can be prepared in many different ways. You can fry tiger prawns in a frying pan, but preparing tiger prawns on the bbq gives just that extra flavour. To inspire you a little, we give you a simple recipe; spicy garlic tiger prawns! Tiger prawns with garlic are delicious as a tapas snack, starter or main course.

What do you need?

Mise and Place

A good preparation is half the work. Setting up all the necessities in advance makes the preparation of your dish a lot easier. In technical terms this is what we call Mise-en-Place.

1. Clean the red pepper (remove the seeds) and chop it finely.
2. Cut the garlic into thin slices.
3. Chop the coriander coarsely or the parsley finely.
4. Thaw and drain the tiger prawns. Dab them dry with kitchen paper.

The Preparation

Heat a little olive oil in a large grill- or frying pan. Gently fry the garlic in this, this way the flavours are released well. Make sure that the garlic does not discolour, it quickly becomes bitter. If you use the parsley, add it to the garlic oil. Fry the shrimps until they are pink. Once you have chosen the coriander, scoop it through the prawns.

Place the prawns on top and dish and spoon the oil mixture from the pan over it. You can sprinkle coarse sea salt over the shrimp to taste. Serve the garlic prawns with baguette and a good glass of wine.

Enjoy your meal!

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