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Welcome to Foodmarkt!

Our foodmarket is the online supermarket where you can easily do all your grocery shopping online. Foodmarkt will deliver all your groceries to your home as soon as possible. You don't have to go out. Benefit from the advantages of bulk packaging combined with the "fresh from the market" feeling.

About Foodmarkt

Nowadays, people are living more and more with awareness and choose healthy lifestyles. Healthy, fresh, varied and sufficient food is extremely important in this regard. With our products we want to inspire and motivate you to prepare healthy meals with fresh products of the highest quality. Foodmarkt is happy to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With us you can order cheap food of restaurant-quality. A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult and certainly not expensive!

Lifestyle Products

The need for certain foods mainly depends on your lifestyle. Vegetarians, for example, have a completely different diet than fanatical athletes. Our Lifestyle Products include the most popular lifestyles and the products that go with them. Choose your lifestyle and you will find all the products that fit your diet. Whether your lifestyle is Halal, Paleo or Vegetarian, at Food Market you can do your lifestyle shopping in your own mini supermarket.

Online Grocery Shopping at Foodmarkt

We have set up our food market in exactly the same way as a real supermarket. This makes it very easy to order groceries online. Navigate through the menu to the department you are looking for or use the search bar to search specifically for a product. Once you've found the item you're looking for, choose the quantity you need and add it to the shopping cart. If you have at least €50,- worth of groceries in your shopping cart, you can pay with the payment method of your choice.

Grocery Delivery by Foodmarkt

The greatest advantage of shopping groceries online is that we deliver your groceries at home. If you have paid for your groceries before 12:00 noon, we will deliver your order as soon as possible. That saves you time, money and a lot of lugging around.

Did you order online groceries for at least €85,-? Then all your groceries will be delivered to your home free of charge. That is the grocery delivery service of Foodmarkt!

Our Assortment

A large part of our assortment in our online supermarket consists of bulk packaging. This allows us to keep the price low for you. Shopping groceries online at Foodmarkt is not only extra economical but also environmentally friendly. Large packaging means less waste and you always have enough in stock.

Foodmarkt stands for quality, quantity and low prices. That is why in our online supermarket you are assured of fresh, healthy and cheap food of restaurant quality.

Market Fresh Products

Market fresh products are essential for a healthy lifestyle and Foodmarkt is happy to contribute to that. That is why we only supply daily fresh products as if they were just coming off the market. Think of crunchy fresh vegetables, juicy fresh fruit and delicious fresh herbs. Our free-range eggs are also super fresh, as if they had just been picked. All these products are delivered fresh every day.

Chilled Products

Chilled products such as dairy products and meats are packaged and chilled immediately after processing. This keeps them deliciously fresh and full of flavour. For instance, take the Prosciutto Crudo; delicious on a party platter or in a salad with figs and goat's cheese. This tasty raw ham has been prepared in the traditional way for centuries. Prosciutto Crudo ham is salted and air-dried. This ensures that this ham has an extra long shelf life, even at room temperature.

Frozen Products

Our frozen products are quickly and deeply frozen immediately after processing. This ensures optimal preservation of flavour and nutritional value, which you can taste. Some products are only available frozen, such as tiger prawns. Black tiger shrimp are mainly farmed in Asia. If they are shipped fresh, the tiger shrimp are spoiled before they arrive in Europe. Even the 'fresh' shrimp at the fishmonger's or in the supermarket have been frozen.

In addition to frozen shrimp and fish, more and more meat can also be found in the freezer. Chicken fillet is a very popular frozen product. Chicken fillet is very healthy and can be used in all kinds of different dishes.How about a lukewarm salad with roasted chicken fillet strips? Finger licking good.

Dry Goods

Foodmarkt is a supplier of first class dry goods such as coffee, herbs & spices and preserves. Shelf life products that are absolutely not to be missed in your pantry.

For the real coffee lover we have high quality Italian brands in our assortment.Lavazza and Segafredo are famous coffee brands in Italy and for good reason. With Lavazza coffee beans or Segafredo coffee beans you can make the most delicious cup of coffee at home.Try the sweet and aromatic roast of Lavazza Oro; a taste you will remember. Both brands offer various blends, your favourite flavour is definitely there.

Preserves are also indispensable in the pantry. Vegetables, fruit and fish that are packaged in a pot or tin, have a very long shelf life. These can be bought in large quantities. Meat is also increasingly found in cans. Think for example of Coertjens stew; delicious with mashed potatoes or fries. Moreover, it is nice and quick to prepare if you don't feel like making your own stew. To give your stew an oriental touch, you can use Asian products by Aroy-D. Add a small dash of Aroy-D coconut milk to the stew and serve with Aroy-D jasmine rice. Enjoy your meal!


Foodmarkt offers a wide range of beverages such as soft drinks and beer, but also for a good wine or distilled drinks you have come to the right place. Whether you are having a party or a movie night on the couch, a drink is part of the deal. How about a nice dinner with friends? No, just a good glass of wine won't get you there yet. For an ultimate taste sensation, a bottle of table water should not be missing. Surprise your guests with a bottle of Acqua Panna. This natural mineral water from the hills of Tuscany is one of the most appreciated mineral waters in gastronomy.

Non-Food Products

Of course you will not only find food in our online supermarket. Just like a real supermarket, Foodmarkt also has a non-food department. So we have everything you need to keep your home clean and fresh. You will also find what you need to decorate your dinner table, such as napkins and candles. Our products are all of high quality. From cleaning supplies to packaging materials, Foodmarkt has it all.

Voordelen van Online Boodschappen Bestellen bij Foodmarkt

✅ Ordered before 12:00, delivered as soon as possible
✅ Minimum order value €50,- (shipping costs €4,95)
✅ Free shipping from €85,-
✅ Take advantage of bulk packaging
✅ Market fresh products of the highest quality

Get Inspired!

Foodmarkt is there to motivate and inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle. In the first place we do this by offering our fresh products. By preparing healthy meals with fresh products, you are already well on your way. Of course it is also important to eat a varied diet, so you get all the nutrients your body needs. Because of the wide choice in our online supermarket, this will be no problem. In addition, you can also get inspired by our Lifestyle Products to determine what suits you best. We will regularly expand this category with new Lifestyles.

Need more inspiration? Then take a look at one of the social media channels of Foodmarkt. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the news around your foodmarkt. There are also regular win events, which will give you even more benefits on your online grocery shopping. So keep a close eye on our pages!

Questions to Foodmarkt?

Do you have any questions about our products or the status of your order? Please contact us via the contact form or send an e-mail to [email protected] Do you have any tips on how to improve our products or would you like to share your delicious recipes or a certain lifestyle with us? Please let us know. Foodmarkt is there for you!

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