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Welcome to Foodmarkt! Following a healthy lifestyle is made easy with our products. Enjoy the benefits of bulk packaging combined with the "fresh from the market" feeling. You can have your products delivered fresh and inexpensively to your home. Order your groceries with a minimum order amount of €50,- and shipping is completely free. Now that's customer friendly! 

“Voor 12:00 besteld, morgen in huis. Minimale orderwaarde €50. Verzending vanaf €80 is helemaal gratis.

— Foodmarkt

Online shopping at Foodmarkt

  • ✓ Ordered before 14:00, next day delivery;
  • ✓ Minimum order amount of €50,- and the delivery is free;
  • ✓ Enjoy the advantages of bulk packaging;
  • ✓ Market-fresh products, of absolute top quality.


About Foodmarkt

More and more people are switching to a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. After all, it is important to eat healthy, fresh, varied and enough food. Today it can still be difficult to easily find everything you need. Especially if you want to maintain a specific lifestyle, such as veganism or halal. Foodmarkt makes the ordering and delivery of your groceries easy! Here you will find everything you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle. The products are always fresh and always of top quality!

The mission of Foodmarkt

Foodmarkt is the place where you can easily order your groceries online. We think it's important that you have a good overview of which products are the best fit for your lifestyle. Ordering groceries online in a personal, healthy and inspiring way; that's Foodmarkt. Of course, it is also important to pay attention to the price of the groceries. That's why you can easily buy bulk packs of your favourite healthy products, such as chicken breast and sweet potato fries, in the Foodmarkt online supermarket. This way, you can order cheap groceries and still prepare plenty of healthy and tasty meals. On top of that: delivery is free at Foodmarkt!

Our message

At Foodmarkt we have a clear goal: to make a healthy lifestyle easier to follow, without losing sight of the quality of the products. With our products we want to inspire and motivate people to prepare healthy meals, using fresh products of the highest quality. All at a bargain price. After all, healthy living doesn't have to be difficult, but it certainly doesn't have to be expensive either!

The benefits of ordering groceries at Foodmarkt

Healthy shopping; it doesn't have to be difficult nor expensive. Foodmarkt’s there to help you out. We have an extensive range that consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, the best coffee beans, and top quality meats. Foodmarkt delivers the groceries at home as if you got them fresh from the market, without you having to go out yourself. Ordering groceries online at Foodmarkt saves you time, money and lugging with heavy groceries! This way you have more time to do the things you like, and of course enjoy the products of Foodmarkt to the fullest.

Ordered before 14:00 = next day delivery

When you decide to do your shopping online, you want to have it delivered to you as soon as possible. With Foodmarkt you kno: ordered before 14:00 = delivered the next day. This is made possible by the fact that the products are delivered through a wholesaler for the catering industry. Because of this, the products are always in stock and can come your way asap!  

The advantage of buying in bulk

Foodmarkt is your wholesaler of market-fresh products, frozen products and long shelf-life products. Almost all our products are available in bulk packaging and on trays. You can easily order 1 kg Lavazza coffee beans, 1.5 L bottles of your favorite soft drink or 1 kg Black Tiger Shrimp. When ordering groceries online at Foodmarkt you can be sure that you always have enough of all products. By buying large packs, the price can also stay low for you. Now you can order cheap groceries, while enjoying the quality of top brands!

Open 24 hours a day

At Foodmarkt you can enjoy fast and free delivery of your groceries and the advantage of bulk packaging. But that's not all: the online supermarket Foodmarkt is open 24 hours a day. This means that you can compile your shopping list and order your groceries wherever and whenever you want. In the morning, the afternoon or in the middle of the night; Foodmarkt is always open.

Making healthy choices

Foodmarkt helps you to make healthy choices. We do this by offering a good overview of the products we have in our range. This makes it easy for you to make a healthy choice, without having to check all the labels first. What's more, the frozen vegetables are frozen immediately after harvesting, so that the flavours and nutrients are optimally preserved. Now you can enjoy healthy, inexpensive meals

Get inspired by Foodmarkt

For inspiration to prepare healthy and, of course, tasty meals, you've come to the right place at Foodmarkt. Simply enrich your meals with the flavours of Maggi and uplift the weekend with the best drinks. You will also find many products for different lifestyles in the assortment of Foodmarkt, such as halal meats and long shelf-life coconut milk from Aroy-D to make healthy vegan meals.

To get even more inspiration you can go to the social media channels of Foodmarkt Netherlands. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with news about your food market. Get inspired by the meals other Foodmarkt customers have prepared with our products and let us know how you enjoy the products of Foodmarkt!

The top products of Foodmarkt

Anyone who loves top-quality products can indulge themselves at Foodmarkt. Our range is filled with the best products from well-known brands such as Aviko, LambWeston and Bonduelle. Now you can easily and inexpensively enjoy tasty sweet potato fries from the oven and soft drinks from Coca Cola and Sprite. Because the products of Foodmarkt are always directly available from stock, you can be sure that we're able to deliver all of your groceries. At Foodmarkt you can order food online, directly from the catering wholesaler!

Lavazza coffee

In the assortment of Foodmarkt you will find the best coffee beans from brands such as Lavazza and Segafredo. The coffee beans are suitable for use in a coffee bean machine, but you can also grind the coffee beans in a coffee grinder. Besides making the best espresso's, the espresso beans are suitable for making the most delicious cappuccinos and latte macchiato's. You can order the coffee in bulk packaging, so you always have enough and won't run out of coffee anytime soon! What's more, the large packs also ensure that the price of the coffee beans can remain low for you as a Foodmarkt customer. Now you can enjoy more for less! 

Where do our products come from?

The products you order at Foodmarkt are always available directly from stock. They come to you via the wholesaler for the catering industry. So you can easily order a tray Fanta exotic, or a large pack of Lavazza coffee, but for personal use at home. Always of top quality and from first class brands. In other words: restaurant worthy. This way you always have enough of what you need at home. With Foodmarkt you can enjoy the most delicious products without worries and the price for you, as a customer of Foodmarkt, can remain low.


If you still have questions about the products, delivery or the processing of your order, please contact [email protected] We will get back to you as soon as possible and give you the answers you are looking for. You can also contact us for inspiration and motivation to easily maintain your healthy lifestyle. For most questions you can also check our FAQ; this way you will have immediate answers to your most urgent questions about, for example, the ordering process and the delivery of your groceries. We are also open to tips on how to improve our products wherever possible. Foodmarkt is there for you! 

Excited to order?

Who doesn't get excited about market-fresh products of the highest quality and free delivery? Ordering groceries before 2 p.m. today means you'll get them delivered to your home tomorrow. You can then start preparing your favourite meals and enjoy the best products. Select and order your first products at Foodmarkt now!